The marriage style between the past and the present

Social change is one of the most social phenomena that people face throughout their lives. From time to time, new concepts, thoughts, habits and lifestyles appear in human societies. Including our contemporary life which changes more rapidly because of technological influences.

Likewise, there is a big change happened in the relationship between two genders and the way they get to know each other in order to get married. Before, it was the arranged marriage but now there is the marriage after love.

In this essay i am going to talk objectively about some advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of marriage and i’m trying to analyse this phenomena as much as possible.

The arranged marriage means that the bride and the groom are selected by a third party not by each other. It is more common in traditional, aristocratic and royal families throughout the world. Those people believe that marriage isn’t a personal matter or just an individual issue but it is also a family business.

In fact, we can’t judge that there is no benefit from arranged marriage simply because it was very beneficial in the past. Most of our parents and grandparents got married by it because the relationship between boys and girls was very limited for multiple reasons. some of them represented in separation between two genders in all fields of life, even studding and working. Other reason was the absence of transportation which makes people travel and also the disappearing of social media that makes people communicate by distance. so, the only way that they could get to know each other was by their families.

Marriage in the past

Despite that, their marriage generally was successful. It was very rare to happen divorce between couples. However, parents sometimes was forcing their son or daughter to get married a person who they don’t like in order to achieve their personal interests such as making money, social standing or just because they believe they had all the right to do like that behaviour as long as their traditions promoted them to do it.

By the way, despite the strong social change happened, arranged marriage still exists in some countrysides and cities in our contemporary societies but of course the marriage after love is dominating.

today, it is very easy for boy and girl to get know each other and to get married independently. They may be studying or working together. Also they can meet each other during the travelling whether in bus, train, plane or any other transportations. As they can communicate by social media such as facebook and instagram.

As a result, we find that two genders have lived many emotional and sexual experiences before they get married. That’s definitely threatens the family institution.

The marriage style between the past and the present

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